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Mical Johnson on stage at Ignite Tampabay 2013

Stop Thinking and Google It! – #ignitetampa recap

I had the pleasure of participating in the IGNITE Tampabay on April 25, 2013. This is the first time I had participated in this type of event. There was almost 900 people in the audience and when the lights hit, I forgot everything I was going to say. I still had fun and enjoyed every moment of it. Here’s the
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Content Marketing: A Warning and What To Do Next

Being involved in the internet marketing community for over a decade, I’ve always been on the cutting edge of new ways of doing business online, including creating content marketing strategies for my clients. In that time I’ve also witnessed major corporations jumping online trying different tactics to boost their profits. Some, like Amazon, embraced it early on while others, think of
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[Infographic] The Art of Getting Retweets

This is an infographic about getting retweets on Twitter. Essentially it’s how to get more people to share you content on twitter.   Courtesy of: Quick Sprout If you enjoyed this post, get email updates (it’s free). Email:

Do tag clouds help or hinder SEO?

  In this short video Matt Cutts, Google’s Head Spam Engineer, tackles the question “Do tag clouds help or hinder SEO?” Here’s a quick summary: Tag clouds are links Can be good or bad depending how you use them (think keyword stuffing) Think about where you want to send your PR Matt personally doesn’t use them     Technorati: TSF92JZJX6WM If
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Google Authorship Program

Everyone seems to be buzzing about Google’s Authorship program and telling you the benefits about it. Just go sign up for it. You’ll thank me later. The directions are simple and there are even WordPress plugins for them. I use one called WP Google Authorship I naturally already have a Google+ profile and have gone through the process of connecting them. I even got
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New Twitter Spam

This is an example of the “New Twitter Spam” that is going around. Things like this don’t really surprise me anymore because hijacking someone comments is nothing new and this would be a variation of that for sure. This twitter account posts the old style RT every 10-20 minutes however, the accounts mentioned or inferred as the owner, never actually sent
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Occupy Sarasota – Techies Take Over GWiz

  Today at BarCamp Sarasota we decided to Occupy Sarasota – Techies Take Over Gwiz with a little demonstration on using SEO effectively If you enjoyed this post, get email updates (it’s free). Email:

Are Facebook’s users for sale?

Everyone is aware of paid endorsements in the real world. Athlete’s and movie stars do it all the time. The exchange their fame and notoriety for dollars to showcase a product and get paid to do it. You may have even heard of what’s called an implied endorsement simply because they are using the product for what ever the reason. The company
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Why Backlink Building Is Not Working For Some Websites?

The short version of this is that their website sucks ,but let’s take a closer look at some of the common problems in building backlinks. Quality Content The entire purpose of a link is to reference something of quality and relevance (I’ll get to that in a second) and somehow that gets looked over by people with they build a website and
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The Easy, Non-Technical Approach to SEO Marketing

So you want to be found on the search engines? I can hear all the excuses now running through your head… I don’t understand SEO. I’m not a tech geek. I don’t write code. I can barely turn on my computer. My website sucks! and on and on and on… The big reasons most website owners don’t do SEO very
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